Adult Sunday School

For Reaching, Teaching, Winning, and Caring

Our Approach to Sunday School

Sunday School is the REACHING arm of the church. “Reaching” is defined as making contact with a person and motivating him or her to give an honest hearing to the gospel. Since evangelism is giving out the gospel, reaching is basically “pre-evangelism”, for it gets people to listen to the gospel.

Sunday School is the TEACHING arm of the church. “Teaching” means guiding the learning activities that meet human needs. The first step of teaching is expressed in the verse by the words “that they may hear.” The ultimate step of teaching is “that they may learn.”

Sunday School is the WINNING arm of the church. Sunday School is also the arm of the Church that wins people to Christ. “Winning” is defined as communicating the gospel in an understandable manner and motivating a person to respond to Christ. The Old Testament expression “fear the Lord” means to bring a person to reverential trust of God. It was a concept of salvation. Today we might describe a person who “fears the LORD” as a person who receives Christ or trusts the Lord for salvation.

Sunday School is the CARING arm of the church. Sunday School is the pillar of the Church that gives spiritual care to all members. One of the objectives of every Sunday School is to spiritually care for all so that all will “carefully observe all the words of this law.” Some people call this nurturing; others call it maturing.

We encourage all people to become part of this reaching, teaching, winning and caring group as we study the Word of God together.

8:00 AM


Bro. Park Robertson

Location: A114

Age Range: 55-65

This early morning class is for men looking to learn and grow in Godly manhood.

Seekers of God’s Heart

Dan & Pat Cowart

Location: Grace Building

Age Range: 60+

We are an older couples class with a lecture and discussion style. We go through the Bible one book at a time.


Ron Caldwell & James Nichols

Location: Hope Building

Age Range: 60+

We are a lecture and discussion style class that studies through one book of the Bible at a time.


Bob Garner & Rickey Williams

Location: Lighthouse Building

Age Range: 70+

Start your morning in fellowship and join in building relationships to encourage each other’s walk.

9:00 AM

The Max – Young Adults

Matthew & Kellie Dortch

Location: Duplex

Age Range: 20s-30s

A place for single young adults to pursue God’s plan for their lives by way of lecture, discussions, and good food!


Jim & Betty Muckleroy

Location: Refuge Building

Age Range: 20s-30s

 A place for nearly and newly married couples to discuss God’s design for a Christ-centered marriage.


Rick & Jacci Van Surksum

Location: Hope Building

Age Range: 30s-40s

We study the Bible together through teaching and discussion to increase in our faith and in our love for others.

 Beyond Sunday

 Chad Gentry

Locations: Faith Building

Age Range: 30s-40s

We are a lecture and discussion style study through a book of the Bible at a time with occasional topical studies.

Living in the Middle

Cindy Davis Haynes

Location: Lighthouse Building

Age Range: 40s-50s

Know Love

Scott Cottingham

Location: Outback Building

Age Range: 40s-50s

We are reading the Bible book-by-book in a year. We study 3 chapters a day and discuss the reading on Sundays.


Mike & Kim Wilson, Karen Costiloe

Location: Grace Building

Age Range: 50-60

For empty nesters and those with young grandchildren. We study vere by vere through one book of the Bible at a time.

He Reigns

Nathan Parker

Location: Room A114 in Worship Center

Age Range: 30s-50s

We are a learning to apply God’s word in our families for discipleship and knowing Him more.


Harold Davis

Location: Christian Life Center: Fireside Room

Age Range: 60s-70s

10:30 AM

The Ladies Class

Jana Hunt

Location: Joy Bulding

Age Range: 60s-70s

Women from all walks of life are invited to join in encouraging one another through an in-depth study of The Word.


Dennis Black & Rhonda Hammond

Location: Hope Building


For all ages and all stages, come join our in-depth look as we take a lecture-style study into the Bible.

Equip 2 Disciple

The Bedfords and The Ziegelgrubers

Location: Outback


We focus on inductive Biblical study with topical and book studies to grow our faith, knowledge and outreach.

The Awakening

Barry & Shelia Clink

Location: Refuge Building


An intense scripture study into Biblical end-times prophesy, guided by the Holy Spirit