Computers for Belize!Belize Highway

Flint Baptist Church, our Belize family is in need of computers. Bob Farley explained his groups' needs to me over lunch and I have offered to donate my time and labor to assist him in fulfilling this need, but I can't do it alone. Please consider donating your unused or unloved desktop or laptop computer.

Every computer donated will be tested and refurbished by me, a local, certified, IT Administrator. If you are concerned about privacy issues, don’t be. Every computer will receive a fresh install of the appropriate operating system, and/or where possible, will be upgraded with newer hardware such as solid state hard drives. So your data will be overwritten or replaced completely. If this does not satisfy your privacy concerns, there are other accommodations I’m willing to make. Just message me or speak to me in person at church.

Even if you “retired” your PC for issues like sluggishness or possible viruses, I still want it! I deal with these kinds of problems on a daily basis!

One issue Bob expressed to me was the lack of repair options in his area. Keeping this in mind, I want to send him the best equipment we can in hopes of longevity. These computers are going to travel a great distance to fulfill a great need. Although any computer is better than no computer, for the moment I would ask that any computers being donated meet the following requirements:Volunteer PC Repair Man

  1. Computer will power on
  2. Computers running Windows 7, 8, or 10
  3. Laptop screens not cracked, keyboards not missing keys.
  4. Computer be free of major physical damage

If you are unsure if the computer you have will fulfill the need, message me. I will work with you to identify what you have.

If at all possible, I would like to collect computers on Wednesday evenings. If Wednesdays don’t work for you, or you find yourself in need of other accommodations, just message me. I’m willing to go the extra mile to support Belize, so I’ll meet you when and wherever you need.

God Bless

Joseph Ryan Furlow
(903) 262-9002