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10:30 AM Adult & Youth Sunday School
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7:00 PM Live Adult Bible Study
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Virtual Day Camp 2020

Day Camp was virtual in 2020 and made available to everyone! You can still join in the fun by watching the videos below with your child. 

Virtual Camp is an exciting way for your child to hear God's word and experience a piece of Flint Baptist Church Day Camp from home. Heather will be leading us in a Bible Story, and staff will be making surprise appearances! For parents, this is a perfect opportunity to tune in and witness the day's lesson about God and spark a conversation with your child about their relationship with Jesus Christ.

Camp Videos

Virtual Day Camp Playlist

Be sure to use the questions that follow each video below! Here is the entire playlist on youtube.

Flint Feud Questions

Day 1

     1. In what image was man made?

     2. How was the fellowship between God and man broken?

Day 2

     1. What was the giant's name?

     2. What does this story foreshadow? (Remember, a foreshadow is a glimpse of what is to come.)

Day 3

     1. Are you a sinner?

     2. How do you get to Heaven?

Day 4

     1. What changed Peter?

     2. What is the purpose of your life?