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The Children's Ministry at Flint Baptist Church is here to a spiritual foundation for your child that will last a lifetime. Not only help them grow in their faith and knowledge but to also place them on a path to becoming future church participants and leaders. Children's Ministries is broken into 3 main groups that are divided by grade levels. Children meet regularly on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights and this ministry also has summer and special events. We also feature a children's Choir that meets each Wednesday after dinner and before the Wednesday Night Program.  

Flint K4C Ministry

The  1st thru 3 Grade Children's Ministry exists to support each family in their journey of encouraging and strengthening each child's understanding of Jesus Christ and His love for them.

The purpose of our Children's Ministry is to lay a biblical foundation at an early age and continue it throughout the child's life to adulthood.  As the foundation is laid, the ultimate goal is for each child to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and Lord of their life.

Our mission is to partner with the children's families to provide spiritual teaching for salvation in Jesus Christ for discipleship and evangelism.  We carry out this mission by providing opportunities for children and their families to learn about God and Jesus, using the Bible and activities at the child's age level. We also desire to provide additional opportunities for families to serve God together as we walk along the journey of faith.  Throughout every ministry activity, we will provide a safe, secure, friendly, and fun learning environment for ALL children their families. 

Flint 456 Ministry

Based on Matthew 7:24, our prayer is that preteens will leave our ministry like the wise man who built his house upon the rock. When the storms of adolescence blow, we want to see preteens who will be "rock solid" in their faith and commitment to Christ.

Preteens are a unique age group. Too old for the children's department and not quite ready for the youth group, preteens at Flint Baptist Church have their own program dedicated to ministering to this special group of kids. There are Small Group times designed with their unique age and learning styles in mind. There, they will focus on understanding what it means to love and follow Jesus, and build lasting relationships with one another. 

Preteens are ready to conquer the world, and here we give them opportunities to let their young faith soar. Our 4th thru 6th graders will have chances to serve on mission trips, act as volunteers, and serve on ministry teams. Also, they will have plenty of fun trips and activities, meaningful Bible Study, and caring leaders who will help them build "rock solid" relationships not only with their peers, but with Jesus as well. For more information about our preteen programs or special events, please contact Amy Deshotel.