Sam DeVille - July 16, 2023

A Sacred Name - Exodus 20:7

Ex 20:7 7 Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain; for the LORD will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain. The Prohibitions The literal translation for this commandment is “do not raise up Jehovah's name for no good” Do Not Use God’s Name In Vain By invoking His name while cursing, or in anger, or with empty word or to just frivolously throw around the precious name of Jesus when surprised or anxious or angry is to belittle the name We Should Not Devalue The Names Of God To “take in vain” means to consider His name worthless or that you don’t care anything about it Remember The Sopherim The Sopherim were a special group of scribes who adhered to a strict set of rules to make absolutely sure that the books of the bible were accurate with nothing added and nothing taken away. -Before starting to work, they were required to bath and put on proper Jewish dress -The parchment they used could only come from clean animals and the quills they would use for pens were from the feathers of biblically clean birds. -No word or letter could be written from memory, a scroll of the test had to be open before them and each word would be carefully pronounced out loud before copying it -Before writing the name of God the scribe would get up, wash themselves, and wash their hands 7 times. Before writing, he would then wipe off his pen and say out loud “I am writing the name of God for the holiness of his name” -These words were checked and double checked, and if a single letter or word was incorrect, then the manuscript either had to be corrected within thirty days, or the whole page was properly buried, since you were not allowed to destroy or throw away the word of God. As Christians, We Can Bring Shame On The Name Of God By Our Behavior A family name means something. We are called and identified by God’s name, and we should be very wary that we never bring dishonor to that wonderful name Be Proactive As with all commandments, there is a positive side: if we should not take the Lords’ name in vain, then let us honor His name. Every Name That God Bears Is A Blessing That He Shares Jehovah -Jireh - My God Will Supply Jehovah- Shalom - God Is My Peace Jehovah- Rapha - My God Heals Jehovah- Nissi - The Lord Is My Victory Jehovah-Sabaoth - The Lord Of All The Hosts Of Heaven Our Message We are a community of people committed to following Jesus, so we worship Him with vigor and joy. We recognize the importance of prayer, so we encourage it in church and in our daily lives. We are dedicated to spreading the Kingdom of God, so we love people within our community and beyond with the generosity and compassion of Christ.

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