Sunday School Classes @ 10:30 a.m.

  • Adult Division
    • Lighthouse Class
      • Teachers: Mike O’Neal & Mark Virden
      • Class: Large, Mature Married Adults & Singles
      • Literature: Explore the Bible (Lifeway)
      • Style: Lecture & Discussion (Verse by Verse with Application)
      • Lighthouse Building
    • The Watchmen: Prophecy Class
      • Teachers: Doug and Sue Bunnell, Gene & Paige Ramsey
      • Class: Medium, All Ages
      • Literature: The Bible's Prophecy found in Current Events and their application
      • Style: Combination of Lecture, Voluntary Discussion, PowerPoints
      • More: As Believers, we share a deep desire to know God better by understanding the Prophecies about the future that are given in His Word. We are certain of His return and by relating the current events taking place every day to what has been foretold by the Old Testament Prophets and New Testament writers, as well as the very words of Jesus himself, we become very excited about what is going on and our future. We are a Praying Class, with a great emphasis on praying for the needs of each other!
      • Grace Building
    • R.E.A.C.H.
      • Teachers: Dennis Black, Rhonda Hammond & John Chesley
      • Class: Large, Medium Adults (35 - 70+)
      • Literature: Bible Book Study (Verse by Verse)
      • Style: Lecture with Discussion
      • More: The REACH class has a strong emphasis on relationships through care groups and fellowships. We desire to know and apply God’s Word to our everyday challenges through a verse by verse study of the Scriptures. Everyone is welcome...even families! We are committed to prayer, enjoy special music often and never miss our 5th Sunday SOS testimonials/fellowship!
      • Hope Building
    • The Beacon
      • Teacher: Dale Purdy
      • Class: Small, Coed, Medium Adults
      • Literature: International Sunday School Lessons Standard Publishing
      • Style: Lecture & Discussion
      • Worship Center - Rm A114
    • Atonement Thread Class
      • Teacher: Barry Clink
      • Refuge Building
  • Children's Division
    • Special Hearts and Hands
      • Special Needs
      • Director: Brian Hawkins
      • Kids' Center - Rm B30
    • Kidz Konnect
      • 4 years thru 3rd Grade
      • Director: Paula Holloway
      • Kids' Center
    • Nursery Provided
      • Birth thru 3 Year Olds
      • Director: Debbie Harkness, Bible Study: David C Cook
      • Worship Center - Nursery

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Sunday School Class Finder

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More Information

Sunday Morning Worship is at 9:00 & 10:30 a.m. in the Sanctuary. Sunday School is offered for Adults at 8:00, 9:00, & 10:30 a.m.

The Youth Group attends the 9 a.m. Sunday School and the Adult 10:30 a.m. Worship. Children are provided age-appropriate programming from 9:00 a.m. to 11:45 a.m. in the Children's Building. Nursery Care is also provided in the Sanctuary.

If you have questions or need assistance finding a class, please visit the Welcome Desk and someone will be glad to direct you to class that’s right for you.  Get involved! Be a part of our Sunday School Family!

Our Approach to Sunday School

Sunday School is the REACHING arm of the church.  “Reaching” is defined as making contact with a person and motivating him or her to give an honest hearing to the gospel. Since evangelism is giving out the gospel, reaching is basically “pre-evangelism”, for it gets people to listen to the gospel.

Sunday School is the TEACHING arm of the church.  “Teaching” means guiding the learning activities that meet human needs. The first step of teaching is expressed in the verse by the words “that they may hear.” The ultimate step of teaching is “that they may learn.”

Sunday School is the WINNING arm of the church.  Sunday School is also the arm of the Church that wins people to Christ. “Winning” is defined as communicating the gospel in an understandable manner and motivating a person to respond to Christ. The Old Testament expression “fear the Lord” means to bring a person to reverential trust of God. It was a concept of salvation. Today we might describe a person who “fears the LORD” as a person who receives Christ or trusts the Lord for salvation.

Sunday School is the CARING arm of the church. Sunday School is the arm of the Church that gives spiritual care to all members. One of the objectives of every Sunday School is to spiritually care for all so that all will “carefully observe all the words of this law.” Some people call this nurturing; others call it maturing.

We encourage all people to become part of this reaching, teaching, winning and caring group as we study the Word of God together.