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All of this would not be possible without the help and support of our many volunteers. No experience necessary. We need people who want to help us improve and expand our services and reach. We need a wide range of skills and talents in our ministry. Here are some examples:

  • People who like to chat online
  • People who have an ear for music
  • People who have an eye for photos/art
  • People are needed who can work as a team
  • People are needed who can empathize with others
  • People are needed who can focus on a task for about an hour
  • People are needed who want to help us do better, or reach farther.

If you might be interested in volunteering with Media Ministries, please email us from the link under "Connect" on this website. You can also stop by in person at the Front of House Booth or Broadcast Booth and let us know you are interested.

The Flint Baptist Church Worship Ministry is proud to announce the release of our first projec, Live Volume 1 Project!  It was recrded in August of 2019 in Live Concert for our church. We hope you will be blessed and will worship with us while you listen.

CDs are available in the Foyer before and after every service.

You can purchase on ITunes here.

Song Titles include:

Come On Into The House

I Got Saved

My Feet Are On The Rock

Jesus It Is You

All My Hope

He'll Hold You

and many more that our Worship team and Church have come to love!

I am so proud to announce the release of my second solo project, Do It Again.

I was honored and priviledged to have Gregg Hunt, owner of Rosewood Studios, to produce and guide me through this project. His influences are evident in every song.  To be able to record at one of the premiere studios in the United States was a true blessing.  Drew Hall and Kerry West engineered and mixed project with excellence and I can't thank them enough. 

This project is a combination of current worship songs and a few oldies mixed in.  It includes:

Do It Again

Stand In Your Love

Gospel Medley (I'll Fly Away, I Saw The Light, Will The Circle Be Unbroken)

Sometimes I Cry

and a few more great songs.  

Download it on ITunes here.

It benefits us greatly to remember the great things our God has done and remind ourselves that He can and will do it again! 

Bro. Billy Johnson - Worship Pastor - Flint Baptist Church

I released this project about 12 years ago and we were able to get permissions to re-release it again.

It includes some great Southern Gospel songs including:

I Can Only Imagine

Midnight Cry

I Rest My Case At The Cross

Sinner Saved By Grace

The title of this album is the theme song for my life.  I will not boast of anything other than our great and magnificent God.  He deserves all the glory and honor!  

You can download it on ITunes here.

Bro. Billy Johnson - Worship Pastor - Flint Baptist Church

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