February 2019

Sunday School Average - 958                   Worship Average - 1410

New members by Baptism - 14               New Members by Other - 23

March 2019

Sunday School Average - 914                   Worship Average - 1430

New Members by Baptism - 10               New Members by Other - 20

Welcome These New Members

Matthew and Kandice Foster, Royce and Shirl Lee, Eddie and Lisa Smith, Holly Walker, Gail Wright, Judy Clark, Tte and Tannon Wynne, McKenzie Clark, Madison Godfrey, John Clay Harrel, Clay and Karey Harrel, ben and Mekenna Stoneberg, Doyle and Sarah Tylich and children Sydni, Caden, Emma and River, Brooklyn and Bryce Brannen, Samantha and Stephen Williams, Rick and Donna Stripling, Kathy Lindley, Brian David Hobbs/Reyes, Cry and Amber Bowler, Thomas and Michelle Connor