August 2019 Baptisms To Date

Brynlee Beilss, Sam Hughes, Briley Meadows, Landon Nicolardi, Bernadette Perryman, Shelton Pillow, Gena Spencer, Marygene Spencer, Andra Swinney, Evie Taylor, Jessica Walters

July 2019

Sunday School Average - 974                   Worship Average - 1650

New Members by Baptism -  0                 New Members by Other - 28

June 2019

Sunday School Average - 951                   Worship Average - 1469

New Members by Baptism -  15              New Members by Other - 17

Welcome These New Members

Jonathan and Angela Fogle, Junelle Heldenbrand, Sharon Moore, Nick Pham, Charlotte Wood, Brenda Horn, Bruce and Linda Freeland, Marcus and Misty Kerr with child Brooklyn Keer, Mallery Hatcher, Chad and Olga McClure with child Evan, Ramsey and Bethany Starks with children Darby and Claire, Craig and Joan Salsbury, Harriet Gillispie, Ricky and Karen Pearce, Kline and Lindsay Pillow, Jaxon Pittman,

Glenn Huff, Chris and Whiney Cain and children Casey and Tessie, Jerry Smitherman, Jessica Johnson, Fern Gibbs, Sue Goodwin, Kelsey Love, Phillip Davis, McKenzie Clark, Lily and Spencer Jones, Easton Tate, Caralise Thornton, Danielle and Kaylee Richardson and children Lucky and Memphis, Rachel Cheatham, Penny Smitherman,  Emma and River Tylich, Madison Godfrey, Chip and Jenny Feagan, Destry and Lisa Walsworth with children Lexi and Dakotah.