The Mayflower Connection: A Mission Of Grace

In the icy waters of the Antlantic a group of exhausted and persecuted christians made a pact, one that would leave a legacy of freedom and religious liberty for generations to come. It was through the simple desire to practice the christian faith freely that not only changed their lives, but changed the world.

Hundreds of years later the Mayflower spirit has risen once more. In the face of tyranny and religious persecution a few brave souls hungered for the freedom to practice their christian faith openly, honestly, and wholeheartedly. This ambition in the Communist Country of China could and has cost many lives, and yet the hope and truth of Christ persists.

Mission work is not just about reaching the lost with the Living Water of Christ, it is also encouraging and sustaining our fellow members of the christian body. While reading Acts recently God opened my eyes to how many lost souls were saved by witnessing how well christians took care of eachother, encouraged each other, and loved one another.

That is what Flint Baptist Church upholds in their own mission work. The proof was powerfully illustrated as members of the Mayflower church were presented to our congregation, and Pastor Pan Yongguang prayed passionately over a congregation he did not know but knew loved his church so well they helped bring him home. 

A home thousands of miles away from all he knows and is comfortable with, but into a land where his flock will have the ability to worship with peace and safety. Their journey is not over as they establish a new life in a new culture and country.  They will face hardships and trials just like their forefathers in the faith did.

As we move forward in our mission work it is my prayer that we do so with the spirit of grace and encouragement for our brothers and sisters in faith who have faced more hardship then we could ever imagine. Our efforts are not just for the lost, the broken, and hungry, but also for our brother and sister in Christ with gratitude and joy.