With everything that is happening in the world, it can be hard to get the right perspective on God’s will for His people globally, and to learn the role we play in His plans. Thankfully, our mission partner Ashley Burnett knows of a solution for such a dilemma. 

     While on a mission trip, Ashley was introduced to the Perspectives Ministry, which is a global movement that seeks to mobilize the people of God for His purposes. Instead of facilitating mission trips, the Perspectives Ministry uses an educational course to help you dive deep into the biblical, historical, and strategic ways in which God is fulfilling His purposes and allowing us a part to play in His divine plan.  Ashley dug deep into the organization, wanting to know more of this ministry that so many had mentioned to her. Within weeks of returning home, she was signed up for their course. It was life changing.

     Early in the course, the Holy Spirit opened Ashley’s eyes to an “aha moment.” By studying the biblical basis for missions, Ashley realized it was God’s purpose from the beginning of time to redeem the world back to Himself. She realized that Matthew 28 was not meant to be an afterthought, but a foundation to our Christian walk. 

     The Perspectives Ministry makes this clear in their vision for the future: a vision that seeks to achieve the goal of awakening the body of Christ to pursue the fulfillment of God’s global purpose within every people for His glory.  Don’t worry, this educational pursuit isn’t just for the mission-minded. The Perspectives Ministry’s educational courses are good for any and all who seek to have a deeper knowledge of the will and word of God within our own lives. If you feel this still isn’t the right fit for your spiritual pursuits, you can still help this wonderful mission by praying for their teachers, leaders, and even the students!

In fact, Ashley asks for prayers for the Spring 2023 course that will be held in Tyler, Texas. Please pray specifically that God will soften the hearts of those who need to be there, that the teachers (who come from all over the country) are protected in their travels, and that they have clarity to teach the lessons that need to be heard. Last but not least, pray that the ears and eyes of the students are opened to the message that God has for them. 

If you are interested in learning more about the Perspectives Ministry, or are interested in the Spring class, please follow this link to their website where you can learn more about their values and goals to fulfill the global purpose of God.